I was pleasantly surprised how painless my root canal was. I have had them before but this was quite a different experience. I experienced no pain during and after the root canal. If I ever (I hope not) have to have additional work, I would highly recommend this office and their highly qualified endodontist, Dr. Michael Feintuch.

I would also like to compliment his staff for prompt attention to my situation and the courteous and friendly manner in which it was handled.

P. Granwik


“As a very anxious, new patient to Dr. Feintuch’s office, I dreaded going for my first appointment. In the past few months, in my search to find a good dentist, and then endodontist, I had some horrible experiences which made me very fearful. The moment I would sit down in the exam chair, I would start to explain what was/had been going/gone on and would begin to cry. This continued and worsened until I had my first complete root canal with Dr. Feintuch.

He is a kind, patient, intelligent, meticulous and efficient doctor! (and he always runs on time!) The anxiety and panic that I experienced prior to the first procedure was uncontrollable. Now, after completing my 2nd root canal, I come in relaxed, enjoy talking to the girls who work here (which are very encouraging and kind as well!), and am able to relax during the procedure.

I was showing them pictures of my children on my phone, asking to see what Dr. Feintuch was doing while he was working on me and probably would have fallen asleep if I was able to stay in the exam room all afternoon.

I am so happy that I finally found an office which meets all of my needs!!

From the flat screen TV and Keurig coffee machine in the lobby to the comfortable chairs in the exam rooms, which also have TVs with many channels, your experience will be nothing but relaxing. You will have nothing but confidence in Dr. Feintuch’s treatment and pleasant speaking with the office staff.”

E. Wilson


Never did I ever dream that I would be writing a thank you letter for root canals!!

After having dreaded my appointment for weeks, I was immediately put at ease by Dr. Feintuch’s relaxed and friendly manner as well as that of his entire office staff.

When I was told that two of my molars needed rot canal, I elected to have them done simultaneously because I was afraid that after doing the first one I would be too traumatized to return for the second!!

To my great surprise, the whole experience was totally pain free. I felt so relaxed you and your extremely competent assistant worked, that at one point I even dozed off!!

I’ve had root canals done before by different doctors and always had a swollen face and felt bruised for days after. I am happy to say there were none of these affects after my twin procedures!

I will be forever grateful to my new general dentist for his recommending you for this oral surgery.

Wishing you many more happy and satisfied patients!”

M. Feder

One of my biggest fears is going to the dentist. I have made several appointments only to cancel them. I finally made it in and Dr. Feintuch eliminated my biggest fear!

The procedure was painless, extremely fast, and easy. I highly recommend Dr. Feintuch to anybody who has any anxiety or fear of going to the dentist.

Thanks Dr. Feintuch for helping me get over my fears!

R. Anesetti

I came to Dr. Feintuch’s office in extreme pain. My previous dentist filled in a cavity where it should have been a root canal. Dr. Feintuch took me in right away, accurately diagnosed the problem and took the steps to fix it. Everyone in the office is very friendly and try to make the entire process easy and painless.

I have had 2 root canals done here and have a 3rd one scheduled. I won’t see any other endodontic dentist!

Z. Naqvi


To most dental patients, root canal, are two very frightening words. That’s why you must put your faith in Dr. Michael Feintuch, who proved to me that root canal can be painless-painless-painless, when done in a take charge, professional, kindly manner.

Thank you Dr. Feintuch for showing me, even at age 61, that root canal can be painlessly tolerated.”

J. Goresh

I had an unusual root canal. It was started by my dentist, and he cleaned it out 3 times over a three week period. After the last treatment, I was in so much pain that I was in tears. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Michael Feintuch. He treated my extremely sore tooth and within 3 hours the pain was essentially gone! It was truly like a miracle. Thanks to Dr. Feintuch and his caring staff-they really helped me out.

M. Lewus

OK- I am the biggest baby in the world when it comes to dentists! (who isn’t?) I also suffer from panic & anxiety attacks. Well- not anymore. Dr. Feintuch changed all that. I had a root canal! The first visit, I was scared. But the final visit I was not even nervous. I actually took a nap in the chair. And I never felt any pain at all. 100% pain free! (As promised by Dr. Feintuch.) And he’s really nice too.

S. Kupfer

My experience at Dr. Feintuch’s office was wonderful. They quickly accommodated me with an appointment, were extremely professional, took care of a very difficult tooth & gave me the results. The services of Dr. Feintuch & staff are the best & I would strongly recommend them to anyone! Their explanations of my situation & what to expect were very helpful to me.

K. Sherman

“I came to Dr. Feintuch on the recommendation of another physician which already put me at ease knowing a fellow doctor sends his wife to Dr. Feintuch for her root canals. My thought was simply, “He must be good!!” By the time I came for my root canal, I was in a tremendous amount of pain. My regular dentist had begun the root canal but something had gone awry along the way and he could not ease my pain.

Dr. Feintuch systematically narrowed down the problem -patiently and painlessly. I was most impressed with the level of professionalism, not a hint of criticism of the job my dentist had done. Dr. Feintuch’s sole concern was figuring out the issue and fixing it-trouble shooting at its best. He was readily available via cell phone over a summer weekend to manage my pain. My family and I are so grateful.

Lastly, the staff is phenomenal-friendly, accommodating, reassuring and courteous. The office is immaculate. No one wants a root canal, but if you have to-this is the place to go!”

M. DeLuccia

Patient Testimonials